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We provide free online services for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, queer, questioning and allies, HIV/AIDS, sexual and gender rights, and leather/S&M communities, including mailing lists, web sites, and email hosting.

The Online Policy Group is a non-profit organization dedicated to online policy research, outreach, and action on issues such as access, privacy, defamation, and the digital divide. We supply online services to individuals, projects, and non-profit organizations. QueerNet, which was founded in 1991 and is OPG's longest-running project, provides our focus on these specific communities.


Online Policy Group and all of its projects, including QueerNet, offer all of their services free of charge. We are a non-profit organization entirely supported by donations, most of these from individuals. Please support us with a contribution of funds or equipment.

You can request other services for yourself, your project or your non-profit.

OPG/QueerNet services include:

To request these, send mail with your request.

Join these OPG/QueerNet clients:

EGALE Canada (mailing lists) The Exiles (web site) (mailing list)
Gay Asian and Pacific Islander Men of New York (web site) (mailing list) HipFaerie (web site)
HIV+Me by Chris Companik (web site) Intl Assn of Gay/Lesbian Country Western Dance Clubs (mailing lists)
National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association (mailing lists)  OrthoDykes (web site) (mailing list)
Othersiders Country Western Dance Club (mailing lists) Pansy Division (web site)
Prospective Queer Parents (web site) (mailing list)  Seattle Men in Leather   (mailing list) 
SF Queer Longhairs (web site)   (mailing list)  Texas Twisters Gay/Lesbian Country Western Dance Club (mailing lists)
Woodhull Freedom Foundation (mailing lists)

...as well as many other people, projects, and non-profits hosted by Online Policy Group!

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The QueerNet Project was founded in 1991 by Roger B.A. Klorese.

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